Pacific Eau de Toilette for Men

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Pacific is the first fragrance in our marine collection. An exciting fusion of salty, mineral and sunny accords, it unveils the spirit of boundless freedom, the true nature of the ocean and – relaxed atmosphere of far-away sunny beaches.

Fragrance: marine, woody and citrus with a sunny accord.

Salty notes of seawater create a fresh composition and bring your senses on top of the waves. Warm gold-colored sand stands in contrast with sensual oceanic coolness and invites you to relax in the shadow of green tropic trees. Experience the freshness and vitality of the Pacific Ocean right now!

The olfactory pyramid is a professional term used to divide fragrances into accords. A fragrance consists of three accords which speak sequentially: top (initial) notes, body notes and bottom (base, trail) notes. The literal meaning of olfactory is sense of smell. Pacific’s olfactory pyramid:

Top notes: marine accord, bergamot, tangerine, palm leaves.
Body notes: jasmine, rosewood, сyclamen.
Bottom notes: mineral musk, ambergris, cedarwood, woody accord.
Main notes: marine accord, palm leaves, mineral musk.

Package: spray bottle, 100 ml.
Shelf life: 5 years from the production date.

Contains: Alcohol denat., Aqua, Parfum, Benzyl Salicylate, Linalool, Limonene, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Coumarin, Citronellol, Geraniol, Citral, Benzyl Alcohol, СI 42090, СI 14720.

Volume: 100 ml.

Country of Origin: Russia

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia

How to use fragrance properly?

The aromatic notes sound their best on the body’s pulse points:

  • The wrist joint (where the pulse is measured),
  • The elbow joint (internal side),
  • Behind the ears,
  • The neckline.

Hair holds the fragrance well, it can be sprayed on the neck or back of the head.

To enhance the aroma trail, apply it behind your knees, and on the lower inside hem of your dress.

Finally, we recommend that you spray the fragrance upwards and enter into the cloud.

How to choose a fragrance?

Rule 1. Do not smell many fragrances at once. Try 3-4 fragrances, this way you will avoid mixing them and can remember the scent.

Rule 2. Do not spray the fragrance into the bottle cap. Try not to smell the fragrance directly from the bottle or sample. Put it on a blotter or clean tissue. Having chosen the fragrance this way, spray it on your skin , in order to understand how it “lives” on you . The same fragrance can speak differently on you and your friend.

Rule 3. Do not buy the fragrance based on first impressions. Walk a bit with the fragrance on., Wait for the body notes (in 15-30 min.), which accompany you during the day after the volatile upper notes pass away, and make your choice after that.

Rule 4. Take notice of the weather, climate and situation.. Remember that humid warm air spreads fragrance better than cold and dry air. Discreet fragrances are universal, while bright and strong ones are not always good for an office or beach. But the latter will not go unnoticed on a romantic date.

Rule 5. Turn the selection procedure into pleasure. A good mood is the best advisor in the difficult task of choosing a fragrance!

Your price:
829 руб.
Old price
1 400 руб.
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Tamar K.
710169588 | 19.03.2021
ახალგაზრდა მამაკაცებისთვის , სასიამოვნო არომატია, არა აქვს მძაფრი სუნი..მეუღლეს ძალიან მოეწონა..
Ольга У.
714464594 | 30.01.2021
Нежный, приятный, стойкий, ненавязчивый, свежий запах. Просто супер!
Tarana Q.
711675201 | 06.01.2021
Мне не понравился. Запах как у освежителя "Морской бриз".
Екатерина Р.
721696883 | 06.01.2021
Брала на подарок, по сниженной цене вода ничего. Очень похожа на голубую метку. Мужская, морская вода. Для меня она слишком мужская. Не молодежная.
Марал А.
713372746 | 14.06.2019
Аромат просто супер!!!
Елена К.
709359797 | 31.05.2019
Прочитала комментарии и решила взять. Нисколько не пожалела!!! Всем понравился, отцу, маме, мне, сыну, мужу. Запах супер. И действительно, похож на "Кензо". Этот аромат больше всех из мужских понравился.
Лидия З.
701616154 | 29.05.2019
Очень приятная, легкая туалетная вода. Запах свежести и морского бриза. Мужчинам, которые заказывали, очень понравилась.
Юлия Д.
706924893 | 15.04.2019
Аромат тонкий, ненавязчивый, стойкий. Для всех возрастов, от 20+ до 60+.
Любовь Н.
706945301 | 27.03.2019
Супер! Ну очень приятный запах, держится долго, жаль, что уже нет в наличии.
Сайида А.
711117157 | 20.03.2019
Водичка для оптимистов.