TESTER 5-in-1 Toilet Cleaning Gel, lemon scent

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5-in-1 Toilet Cleaning Gel:

  • efficiently removes lime scale and rust,
  • protects from further staining by creating a water-repelling film on the surface,
  • prevents unpleasant odours, leaves a fresh citrus smell,
  • has antibacterial effect,
  • gel texture for even distribution in hard-to-reach spots.

For best results use at least 1-2 times a week.

The product is recommended for faience and ceramic surfaces of water closets and bidets.

Expiry date: 24 months from the production date on the package.
Certificate of State Registration

Halal Certificate

Contains: more than 30% aqua$ less than 5%: sulphamide acid, formic acid, Methan sulphone acid, oxalic acid, glycolic acid, non-ionic surfactant, glycolic ether, xanthan gum, fragrance, colourant.

Volume: 50 ml.

Country of Origin: Russia

Серия:  Дом Faberlic

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia

For best results use at least 1-2 times a week.

How to use: Apply the cleaning gel to the inside of the toilet bowl (in case of tough or old dirt leave for up to 10 minutes). Then scrub with a brush or sponge and flush the toilet. To remove persistent stains below the water level and for disinfection, leave it on for 60 minutes, then flush. The product is recommended for regular use with faience and ceramic surfaces of toilet bowls and bidets.

Storage requirements: Keep in a dry place at +5 to +25 °С, away from direct sun rays.

Precautions: Contains active acids. Use rubber gloves to protect hand skin. Keep out of reach of children!

Use only as directed!

Attention! Dangerous if swallowed! If ingestion occurs, seek for medical help immediately. Show the bottle if possible. May cause skin and eye irritation. If in eyes, rinse them carefully with clean water during several minutes.

Your price:
40 руб.
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Наталья Т.
713322550 | 10.09.2019
Средство очень классное, отмыло унитаз отлично!