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Faberlic Home Faberlic Home Sicilian Bergamote Air Freshener Antitobacco Aqua Spray

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Sicilian Bergamote Aquaspray Antitobacco Air Freshenerwill give the pleasant scent and will moisturize the air in any home and office spaces and cars, scents textiles.

It quickly and effectively neutralizes specific tobacco, cigar and cigarette smoke odours. It removes strong and unplesant household odours at kitchen, bathrooms and WC, halls, lobbies and staircases.

By spraying it enables air purification, causes settling down of smallest domestic dust and allergens.

  • Long-lasting refreshing and scenting.
  • Neutralization of tobacco and cigarette smoke odours.
  • Removal of strong and unpleasant household odours.
  • Air moisturizing and settling of dust, pollen, wool, allergens.
  • For any home and office spaces, textiles, cars.
  • The water base, no alcohol and propellant gases.

The Clean Label composition of fragrances (the flavouring agent) with the integral technology used for neutralization of tobacco, cigarette, cigar smoke odours refreshes, removes strong and undesirable household odours, gives the elegant fresh bergamote scent.

PEG-40 castor wax provides for homogenous distribution of the oily phase of flavouring components inside the water base of the refreshing product

The biodegradable preserving agent prevents growth of pathogens in the product during the shelf life.

Best Before: 24 months since the manufacturing date on the package.

More than 30% of water, less than 5%: flavouring agent, PEG-40 castor wax, preservative.

Storage conditions: keep in a dry room at temperature from +5 to +25. Keep out of sun.

Volume: 250 ml.

Country of Origin: Russia

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia

Shake well before use. Press the button on the spraying trigger and shift to the ON position. Turn the sprayer against your face and press 2-3 times to start spraying. Spray in the air, on the textile or the surface.

Precautions: for the intended use only!
Keep in a tightly closed pack, separately from food products, out of reach of children. If the products comes in contact with eyes immediately rinse them with the clean water. Call to your doctor if necessary.

Your price:
109 руб.
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220 руб.
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