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Faberlic Home Oven and Stove Mint Freshness Detergent

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Mint Freshness Oven and Stove Detergentwill easily remove even ingrained caking, abundant and dried greasy traces from metal*, enamel, ceramic and glass ceramic surfaces. Does not scratch and does not damage delicate surfaces.

It is recommended for all types of metal and ceramic stoves, ovens, grills, barbecues, kitchen hoods, induction cooktops, baking sheets and grids, gas burners.

May be used for urgent removal of blockages.

  • The updated ECO+ enhanced formula easily removes the abundant, dried grease and cakings.
  • The warranted results without extra efforts.
  • Does not contain abrasives — cleans without scratches.
  • Completely washed off.
  • For any types of stoves and metal kitchen hoods.
  • Good for removal of kitchen sink blockages.
  • Eco-friendly ingredients — biodegradable components.
  • Gives the light refreshing scent.

The caustic soda (the alkaline agent) quickly splits abundant, dried greasy soils and cakings, provides for their easy removal from the surface.

The complex of biodegradable plant-based SAS effectively soaks surfaces, splits greasy soils and cakings.

The biodegradable complexing agent (methylglycinediacetic acid sodium salt) is the green replacement of phosphates, effectively binds hardness salts, maintains activities of detergent components.

The composition of fragrant substances (the flavouring agent) gives the fresh mint scent.

Best Before: 24 months since the manufacturing date on the package.

More than 30% of water, 5-15%: caustic soda, sodium salt of coconut oil fatty alcohol alkyletoxisulfate, less than 5%: starch- and vegetable oil-based NSAS, methylglycinediacetic acid sodium salt, flavouring agent, hexyl cinnamic aldehyde.

Storage conditions: keep in a dry room at temperature from +5 to +25.

Volume: 500 ml.

Country of Origin: Russia


Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia

To remove the grease, dirt or caking apply a small amount of the product on the wet sponge, mop the cleaned surface with it, leave for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water. If soils are large, apply the product directly on the soiled surface, wait for 10-30 minutes depending on the degree and area of soils, thoroughly rinse with water. Repeat the procedure if needed.

WARNING! Contains alkaline. Keep out of reach of children!
Use wearing rubber glass only to protect your hands.


  • For the intended use only!
  • Not recommended for cleaning of teflon and antistick covers, surfaces made of aluminium and its alloys, nickel, zinc and other non-ferrous metals, painted, wooden or chrome surfaces, catalyst panels and other alkaline-sensitive materials.
  • Do not use together with other detergents.
  • Keep in a tightly closed manufacturer's pack, separately from food, out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If the product contacts with eyes, immediately wash them with the clean water. Remove contact lenses (if you use them). If necessary, call your doctor, show the pack of the product if possible.

Your price:
159 руб.
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Галина К.
724182958 | 22.07.2021
Обработала очень грязную поверхность. Оставила на 15 минут. После, протерла тряпкой ! Чистота и свежесть ! Никакого химического тяжёлого запаха! Это потрясающе! Твёрдая 5!
Светлана Т.
658187 | 15.07.2021
5 звезд и не меньше. Средство лучшее и нет сомнения. спасибо компании за новиночку!
Murad. Q.
721111787 | 12.07.2021
Əla vasitədir.Asanlıqla bütün çirkləri təmizləyir.
Mehpare I.
719369913 | 10.07.2021
Ela vasitediz .hemise isletdiyimiz soba ucun mehsul indi yeni nane qoxulu😊
Aygün C.
726147482 | 06.07.2021
çox gözəl bir vasitədi
Cemile H.
723977111 | 06.07.2021
FABERLICin super mehsullarınan biridi sizlerde alın kefiyyatinden emin olun