Antibacterial Container, 1400 ml

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Antibacterial Container is perfect for storing, freezing, reheating, transporting and sometimes even for cooking food.

  • Antibacterial ingredient in the material prevents the growth of microorganisms and increases the storage life of food kept in the containers.
  • Special air exhaust valves delay bacterial oxidation and growth.
  • Removable drainage grid at the bottom of the container prevents accumulation of water or vegetables and fruits.
  • Airproof (leak- and smell-tight).
  • Easy to care (can be washed in dishwashing machines).
  • Convenient ergonomic shape allows to place the container even in an almost full fridge.
  • Can be used in deep freezers, microwave oven (open the lip valve first).
  • Volume: 1400 ml.

Size: 22 x 10 x 9.6 cm.

ATTENTION: do not use alcohol or alcohol-containing products as it disrupts the antibacterial properties.

Polypropylene, silicone, antibacterial ingredient.

Weight: 194 gr.

Country of Origin: China

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia

Your price:
599 руб.
Old price
900 руб.
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