PJB011 Boys' Color-Your-Jumper Kit, white, size 128-134

Series:  Paint it!
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PJB011 Boys' Color-Your-Jumper Kit, white, size 128-134

Coloring your clothes is so fascinating and fun! With this jumper, there is no more need to control your little one's creative potential.

Enjoy the coloring as a fun family activity or let your kids do it on their own. Now it's up to them to decide what colors to choose.


  • Long sleeves.
  • Straight-cut silhouette.
  • Round neck.
  • Colored trimming on neck.
  • Made from cotton.
  • Comes with 3 fabric markers.

Model: PJB011q

Weight: 117.0 gr.

Country of origin: Russia

Series:  Paint it!


100% cotton.

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Инна Н.
724285135 | 01.07.2021
Так футболка по качеству очень хорошая. Ребенок сильно обрадовался,но,есть большое Но. Она сильно маломерит. Раскрасить раскрасил,но носить не получится. Брала 128/134 ,рост ребенка 122. Короткая,влезает с треском. Печалька.