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Faberlic Car Care Antibitumen & Antifly Detergent

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Series: Car care
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How to use:

  • bitumen
  • oil tar
  • stubborn dirt traces
  • duck tape traces
  • bird droppings
  • insect traces
  • wood tar

Effectively removes 7 main types of «road» soils

Effective on all vehicle surfaces. Perfectly cleans glasses, headlights, mirrors, body, plastic accessories. Does not damage the paintwork.
Has great detergent properties. The gel formula provides for effective wetting and easy, quick removal of hardest soils.

The product is conveniently applied both in vertical and horizontal position, spread out well and held on sloping surfaces.

Shelf life: 24 months since the manufacturing date. The manufacturing date and the lot number are on the bottle.

more than 30% of water, <5%: organic ethers, isopropyl alcohol, NISAS mixture,EDTA tetra sodium salt, flavouring agent, coagulant, preservative, colourant.

Volume: 500 ml.

Country of Origin: Russia

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia

Shake the bottle before use!

Turn the nose of the diffusor in the Spray position. Spray the product on the cleaned surface at the distance of 10-15 cm. Leave for 10-15 min. Remove soils with a dry cloth or sponge and then thoroughly mop the cleaned surface. Repeat if needed.

Use at the temperature between +10 C and +35 C


Be careful! A combustible liquid!Causes irritation after the contact with eyes! May cause irritation after the contact with the skin! For the intended use only! Do not mix with other products. Avoid inhaling the product when sprayed. We recommend using protective gloveswhile using the products. Carefully wash your hands after use. Do not spray near the open fire and heated items. Avoid contact with eyes and the skin. If the product comes in contact with eyes and the skin, immediately rinse them with the clean water. Call to your doctor if necessary.

Storage conditions:keep in a dry, cool, child-safe place, in a tightly closed pack, at the temperature from +5 C to +25 C. Do not expose to sun.

Your price:
199 руб.
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400 руб.
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Светлана В.
720157982 | 17.07.2021
Отличное средство! Легко отмыла след липкой ленты для мух. Гуще обычного средства для стекол, расход раза в три меньше!!! Я в восторге! Оставьте в продаже, чтобы всегда было в наличие!!!
Юсупжан А.
715033122 | 16.07.2021
Средство отличное. Большая просьба не снимать с продаж!!!
Виктория Ф.
718364336 | 10.07.2021
Когда будет поступление????? Очень ждет машинка!!!

Faberlic Team
Добрый день! В ближайшее время будет в наличии. Спасибо за ожидание!
Анастасия Ф.
716385887 | 09.07.2021
Средство СУПЕР. Муж оценил. Такого эффекта не ожидал.
Наталья Г.
716034635 | 07.07.2021
Что-то с наличием плохо в последние время.