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Faberlic is the only Russian company that has been included in the top 100 world's largest perfumery and cosmetics companies for over 12 years, and had the 3rd highest growth rate* during the 2015 crisis. More than 50,000 brands aim to break into this rating every year.

* Rating published annually in the magazine Woman's Wear Daily.

facts about the company

1 500
new products every year

a wide range of products
for the modern family

> 20 years of success
on the market since 1997

> 1000 products
in each catalogue

7,847,000 families
(28.6%) in Russia trust
our quality*

*According to periodical research by IPSOS COMCON
Russian index of target groups


annual catalogue circulation


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Birth of the cosmetics company Russian Line.

The brand was renamed Faberlic.

We began actively developing internationally.

Faberlic became Russia's largest direct sales company in 15 CIS and Baltic countries.

Our laboratory made an innovative breakthrough in cosmetology and discovered a new formula: Double Breath Novaftem oxygen complex.

The company established an internet platform, allowing customers to place orders online.

A new logistics model lead to the number of points of sale growing from 200 to 2000 (today there are over 10,000).

Merger with Edelstar, Infinum, and Sengara. From this moment on, our catalogue began to include more categories, and our bigger team has even more talented and successful leaders.

We begun selling children's clothes and hosiery products.

We launched women's clothing and immediately set a record: the new collection sold at a rate of 1 dress per second!

Collaboration with world-famous fashion designer Alena Akhmadullina. Florange and DENAS MS brands join us. The Faberlic range now includes 16 product categories.

New fashion collaborations, this time with fashion designer Valentin Yudaskin and star stylist Alexander Rogov. We established in-house textile production in Ivanovo Oblast.

Two more star collaborations were added to our portfolio. We created an exclusive fragrance and a line of decorative cosmetics with actress and director Renata Litvinonva, and a collection of stylish kitchen accessories with actress Julia Vysotskaya.

A wide assortment and affordable
prices are the main tenets of


Based on an innovation developed by Russian scientists, this special complex of perfluocarbons captures oxygen from the air
and delivers it into the deep layers of the skin. The oxygen complex also transports healthy supplements to provide the skin with everything it needs and keep it young and healthy.

Personal hygiene

Faberlic offers a wide range of
lines and textures. These products also feature unexpected fragrances, renowned for their naturalness (you won't sense chemicals), closeness to
the original (your favorite flower, fruit, or treat), and complexity (many fragrances reveal themselves gradually, like with perfumes).


We stay on top of trends and offer you wide palettes, innovative formulas, and luxurious textures at affordable prices. Our products allow you not only to experiment with looks, but also to care for your skin while doing your makeup. Our long-term partner is the Italian company Intercos, a trusted international leader in the development of formulas and raw materials for decorative cosmetics, including for luxury brands.

Haircare, styling, and dyes

Choose products for daily
and professional haircare
as well as styling products. We offer
series based on plant extracts, innovative products with effects that increase the longer you use them, solutions for specific hair and scalp problems, and a salon series featuring active components.


Our portfolio includes over 70 unique women's and men's fragrances from Bertrand Duchaufour, Thomas Fontaine, Maurice Roucel, Pierre Bourdon, Delphine Lebeau, and other stars of the perfumery world. We order all our compositions exclusively from France.


We believe that correct skin care means
not only cosmetics, but also little assistants that help you clear pores, enhance the effects of key products, and turn your daily routine into a
beauty ritual. And our makeup brushes have earned themselves a spot in the case of any professional makeup artist!

for adults

Up to four times each season, we offer a new collection of stylish, modern, and affordable clothing. We collaborate with famous designers and produce special models made from innovative
fabrics, with designer cuts, or unique prints and details.

for children

Wherever your child is going, whether it be to kindergarten, school, sport
competitions, or a best friend's birthday,
you can always put together the perfect outfit with Faberlic's clothes. We also have cozy clothes for newborns made from natural fabrics!


Meet new trendy collections at affordable prices every season. In our catalogue, you'll find models for every taste and budget: classic, casual, or trendy. And you don't need to choose, just get them all!


Elegant jewelry, shawls, scarves, bags, belts, gloves, and also new beach collections when summer comes: the Faberlic range will always offer you the best accessories to complete your fashionable looks.

and swimwear

We have both stylish cotton lingerie for everyday and romantic models with lace and other feminine
details for special occasions. Our assortment also includes sets in large sizes
and comfortable fits especially for ladies
with curvy figures.


Basic and on-trend models
for adults and children. Whether tights and stockings in interesting shades and with designer details, or socks for everyday and sport, every product undergoes quality control, which guarantees
strength and longevity.

Household cosmetics

These are not ordinary household chemicals,
but delicate and effective products with subtle scents. All cleaning components are produced with plant-based materials and are biodegradable. This means that the products are safe for you, your loved ones, and the environment. In addition, our household cosmetics have concentrated formulas, so you will use less when compared with ordinary products.

Products for your home

Hundreds of useful little things that will help you in
the kitchen and while cleaning your home, plus stylish accessories that will add some flair to your interior. The range is constantly expanding, so keep an eye on our news!

Healthy nutrition

We offer modern food supplements that will provide your body with everything it needs, as well as a weight management and healthy nutrition program full of healthy snacks and special supplements that will help you turn over a new leaf without crash diets or stress.


DENAS therapy methods have been in use for over
18 years, and during this time they have received official recognition from the Federal Surveillance Service of Health Protection and Social Development of the Russian Federation. This method has 29 doctoral and undergraduate thesis connected with it, plus over 1000 scientific articles, including 5 monographs and more than 20 methodological recommendations for doctors.

Ho do we ensure high quality at 
low prices?

  • Long-term

    We have stable business relations with suppliers of raw materials and packaging. These partners value our cooperation, so they allow us to maintain a competitive pricing policy.

  • In-house

    We hold one of the main levers of cost and quality management. The Faberlic Scientific Research Center develops unique science-intensive formulas which we can implement into products without intermediaries and under full quality control.

  • Turning away from

    We turned away from the retail business in favor of direct sales. We don't have to
    include distributors' and stores' profit
    in the product price. Only our Representatives earn income from sales.


ISO 9001-2015, ISO 22716-2006

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

International quality standards guarantee that all the equipment, production principles, and technological processes are at a high level. In addition, all products undergo mandatory testing in accordance with GOST and SanPiN


Our company is a member of the Russian Direct Sales Association
and the Perfumery Cosmetics Association of Russia

Safety assessment

As defined by
IN VITRO methods,
WE DO NOT test on animals


Halal Certificate

Products do not contain ingredients forbidden for Muslims and comply with all Islamic canons.


Quality Leader Laureate award

Winner of 12 Perfume Oscars at the FiFi® Russian Fragrance Awards international competition







Collection des Miniatures

Faberlic MAMA


Pour Toujours

Collection Privee

Collection Privee

Collection Privee

Beauty Cafe

Vent d'Aventures


Laureate of the
My cosmetics competition

organized by the Perfumery Cosmetics Association of Russia (PCAR)

Prolixir Serum

Expert Conditioner







Winner of the
PRO Fashion Awards award

in the Fashion Collaboration of the Year category

Faberlic by Alena Akhmadullina


Laureate of all-Russia competition
100 Best Companies

Ecology and environmental management


Winner of the
1000 Best Companies competition

in the Best Perfumery and Cosmetic Company category


Winner of the
Innovative product competition

at the Prodexpo exhibition

Propionic concentrate

Apple jelly with prebiotics +Fe, +Cu, +Co

Delicate whey-based cocoa

Day cocktail

Evening cocktail

Aloe Gel concentrate drink


Winner of the
Care Creation Awards 2016 competition

in the Best Texture of a Skin Care Cosmetic Product category

Renovage night cream


Winner of an honorary medal for
Innovations and Development

for significant contribution to the development of innovation activity in Russia.


Laureate of the annual award
Consumer Rights and Service Quality.

Platinum oxygen serum

Fragrances by Valentin Yudashkin

Fragrances by Valentin Yudashkin

Fragrances by Valentin Yudashkin

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products

Bio Faberlic Wellness products


Gold medalist of the
Crystal Lotus award

at the international forum InterExpoShow

Laundry detergent for wool and delicate fabrics

Aquatic Fragrance-Free Antistatic Spray



Bathroom Cleaner

Toilet Cleaner

Stain Remover Spray

Concentrated Dishwashing Detergent 0+

Ultra Fabric Softener

Ultra Fabric Softener

Oven and Stove Cleaner


Winner of the
Best Company of the Year competition

with honorary title Socially Responsible Company

Faberlic Scientific
Research Centre

  • Иконка

    Our in-house scientific laboratory for innovative research.

  • Иконка

    34 Russian and foreign scientific patents. 

  • Иконка

    Cooperation with Russian universities and world-renowned research centers.

  • Иконка

    10 researchers.

Cosmetics production

  • Иконка

    A 35,000 sq. m. production area based on European quality standards and equipped with modern, environmentally friendly equipment.

  • Иконка

    Our production capacity of 400 million units per year makes the Faberlic factory one of the largest cosmetics companies in Russia.

  • Иконка

    In 2017 we started full automation of household chemistry, oxygen cosmetics, and decorative cosmetics, and launched 15 new production lines.

  • Иконка

    360 employees.


  • Иконка

    Opened in May 2017.

  • Иконка

    A 2500 sq. m. production area with modern equipment.

  • Иконка

    Production capacity of 1,000,000 units per year.

  • Иконка

    350 employees.

Our geography



where we deliver

Иконка 8 500

sales and

collection points all around the world



with official representative offices

Faberlic representative offices in


Business opportunities

  • registration

    with Faberlic gives you an instant discount

    of 20% or more

  • Подарок

    opportunities for

    gifts and bonuses

    + participation in exclusive promotions and sales

  • You can continue to shop for yourself and your loved ones

    or you can start

    earning money


After becoming a company business

  • Иконка

    You will have unlimited growth potential

  • Иконка

    Start your own business in a team of like-minded people

  • Иконка

    Get free support and advice

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Faberlic cares and helps

We believe that the strong should be pillars, so we support a number of social programs

  • Иконка

    Support program for
    young mothers and mothers of many children

    Faberlic also has a support program for partners who are young mothers or mothers of many children, as well as foster parents. The annual amount of payments to young mothers from Faberlic averages 4 million roubles.

  • Иконка

    We help
    charity funds

    We constantly help funds that care for people with disabilities, the elderly, low-income families, and children with special needs. We also provide targeted support to regional orphanages (link to the list of regional orphanages).

    • Recovery and Hope
    • Anna
    • Mnogomama
    • Moscow State Organisation Novokosino of the All-Russian Society of Disabled People
    • Planyeta Dobra
    • Svyatitelya Luki
    • Zhizn
    • Detskie Derevni SOS
    • Podari Zhizn
    • Zhizn Kak Chudo

Our Team

with Alexey Nechaev
(in Russian)

https://expert.ru/expert/2016/42/ne-suschestvuet-sekretnogo-ingredienta/ https://www.vedomosti.ru/business/characters/2017/03/20/681819-vmesto-yahti-zavod https://www.rbc.ru/magazine/2017/05/58f61ff39a79471b52f605c5

Иконка There's no secret ingredient or universal recipe for success. You have to test out different products, methods, ideas... And invest in those that get a positive response from people.

I have always enjoyed working with people. You become a different person when you do business with many and for many. This changes you, and changes the world.

Alexey Nechaev

Founder and President

Иконка I like that Faberlic never stands still, never rests on its laurels. We always need to search for something new, to achieve more! This constant progress creates a unique creative atmosphere in the company and is very motivating.

Alla Annikova

Executive Director

Иконка I have seen talented people who do it all: creative, with a vision of their own mission, and a perfect attitude towards the results- the team does everything for the idea.

This means it's impossible to do anything bad when you're fighting for each small detail. Our goals are always impossible: grab more and ascend higher, start today what you could not do yesterday.

Andrey Burmatikov

Fashion Director

Иконка Faberlic is a company with amazing energy. A team of enthusiastic, active, and creative professionals, who are ready to implement even the most out-there ideas and make our wildest dreams come true. It's true happiness to be a part of a collective that has been together for more than 20 years.

Rimma Korneeva

Head Cosmetologist, Head of the Scientific Research Centre.

Иконка Faberlic for me is first and foremost the vivid personalities, the real leaders. Communication and collaboration with them is an incredible pleasure. Only when surrounded by like-minded people do you fully see all the opportunities that are unlocked for each of us.

Irena Lukiyanova

Development Director

Иконка Any business is built on relationships. People either solve problems together and work towards the result, or they compete. The Faberlic team provides a lot of support. Every day I see the growth of those who were newcomers yesterday, and how they change the company by joining.

We are open to everything new, love fresh ideas, and always cooperate with our common future in mind. That's how we manage to implement even the most ambitious projects.

Dmitry Sotnikov

Financial Director

Иконка The most important thing in life is the people who surround you and who you share this world with. For me, the most valuable resource at Faberlic is my professional, caring, smart, and open colleagues.

The sky is the limit when you're working alongside them. And there is nothing we can't handle together, because we all work towards one larger, interesting goal: to make the world beautiful.

Valery Kaplenko

IT Director

Иконка Dreams come true here, and this isn't just an empty phrase. In our company, everyone has the chance to show what they can do. You're always surrounded by an amazing dynamic, an energy that pushes you forward and inspires you to improve yourself day by day.

Dmitry Khankovskiy

Operating Director