Concentrated Laundry Detergent for colors

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Concentrated Laundry Detergent for colors

No need to take your clothes to dry cleaning any more! This new laundry detergent handles dirty stains with professional efficiency and restores original purity of light-colored fabrics.

Universal Concentrated Laundry Detergent for colors has been developed in association with the German company Rohm & Werner*, with regard to innovative technologies in professional laundry products.

  • Efficiently removes greyness and stains.
  • Gentle to fabrics, protects brightness, refreshes colors, prevents discoloration.
  • Anti-stain formula combines the force of natural enzymatic multicomplex for better stain removal, highly efficient washing components, oxygen bleach and laundry enhancers.
  • Removes toughest stains even at the low temperature.
  • Grants a light scent of freshness.
  • 3.5 times more economical than traditional laundry detergent: one measuring spoon is enough! 800 g of the Faberlic Home Concentrated Laundry Detergent = 3 kg of regular laundry detergent.
  • Powder-free granulated texture - for the comfort of people prone to allergies caused by traditional products. Dermatologic safety is confirmed by certificates issued by the Dermatest GmbH, International Scientific and Research Institute based in Germany.
  • Suitable for baby garments.
  • Protects washing machines from limescale.
  • Biodegradable formula. Degradation products are safe for waterways, groundwaters and ecosystem in general.

*Rohm & Werner specializes in professional products - highly efficient concentrated products that follow the principles of sustainability, human and environmental safety, traditional at the European market. Rohm & Werner GmbH is the member of A.I.S.E., International Association of laundering and cleaning products that unites responsible manufacturers who follow the principles of consumer care and sustainability in manufacturing (Charter 2020+).

Best before: 36 months from the production date on the package.

Weight: 800.0 gr.

Country of Origin: Germany

Collection:  FABERLIC HOME


Contains: 30% and more: sodium carbonate, 5-15%: sodium hydrocarbonate, sodium silicate, less than 5%: sodium citrate, benzene-sulphonic acid derivatives, non-ionic surfactants, alkylsulphate (based on oil palm seed oil), polycarboxylates, enzyme complex (protease, amilase, mannanase, lipase), coconut oil-based lauryl ester PEG-7, dye transfer inhibitor, cellulose-based antiresorber, etidronic acid salt, aromatic composition.

Eco-friendly formula:

  • Mineral and silicon salts (sodium carbonate and sodium silicate) bind hardness salts, soften water;
  • Biodegradable surfactant (oil palm seed-based) helps tackle stains, is efficient against grease and oil;
  • Biodegradable coconut oil-based surfactant (lauril ether PEG-7) efficiently removes general dirt;
  • Natural enzymes (enzyme complex) - synergetic complex of protease, amilase, mannanase and lipase for enhanced removal of stains of various origin;
  • Complex of biodegradable non-ionic surfactants (NIS) has active wetting properties, removes general dirt and facilitates its rinsing from fabrics;
  • Biodegradable surfactant (benzene-sulphonic acid derivative) actively removes dirt, is highly efficient against grease stains;
  • Organic polymers (polycarboxylates and dye transfer inhibitor) prevent dye transfer and recontamination, protect fabrics from yellowness and greyness;
  • Organic salt (etidronic acid salt) prevents corrosion of metal elements;
  • Organic citric acid salt (sodium citrate) locks hardness salts, softens water;
  • Acid mineral salt (sodium hydrocarbonate) creates a perfect environment for high-quality laundering;
  • Organic salt derivated from cellulose (antiresorber) protects and softens fabrics, prevents greyness;
  • Clean Label fragrance composition grants subtle fresh scent.

How to use:

Suitable for automatic washing machines and hand wash.

Temperature: 30 - 90 °C.

DosageModerately soiled / Moderate water hardnessHeavily soiled / Hard water
Machine wash 4.5 kg40 g = 1 spoon60 g = 1.5 spoon
Hand wash (per 10 liters of water)20 g = 0.5 spoon40 g = 1 spoon

Use the Faberlic measuring spoon for correct product dosing.

Follow recommendations on the garments’ care labels and in the washing machine manual. Always wash new garments separately.

Do not use for wool and silk.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Use as directed.

Attention! May cause severe eye irritation. If in eyes, rinse with plenty of water for 15 - 20 minutes. Use rubber gloves to protect extra sensitive or damaged hands. If the contact with the irritated skin occurs, thoroughly rinse with water. May harm if swallowed. If swallowed accidentally, rinse the mouth with water. If inhaled for a long time, move to a well-ventilated space. If feeling unwell, seek for medical help, show the bottle or its tag.

Storage requirements: Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not keep with food and flammable products.

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Тамара Х.
723400258 | 28.07.2021
Очень нравится порошок. Решила заказать еще.
Юлия З.
705434894 | 30.06.2021
Я попробовала стирать разными порошками. Но больше всего нравится универсальный. И стирает, и запах приятный ненавязчивый, и цвет белья сохраняется.
Ксения Ш.
722818705 | 06.05.2021
Стирала бежевый костюм из деликатной ткани, отстиралось отлично, и ткань без повреждений. Во второй раз стирала порошком из масс-маркета, все пятна остались на месте... Так что однозначная 5!
Оксана Д.
723284360 | 02.05.2021
Очень понравился.
Виталий М.
723577689 | 18.04.2021
Порошок отличный, но запах намного хуже чем в предыдущих цветных. Поменяйте отдушку в порошке на прежнюю.
Татьяна К.
715890949 | 07.04.2021
Стираю данным порошком уже год. Желания купить обычный магазинный нет. Все нравится. А если он природу не загрязняет, то это еще один плюс в его пользу.
Людмила П.
722060660 | 18.03.2021
Почему я раньше не пользовалась этим порошком!? Качество стирки отличное! Стиральная машина очистилась от старого налёта! Спасибо Фаберлик!
Наталья А.
703790198 | 31.01.2021
Без этого порошка не представляю себе стирку, не могу без него, беру даже в поездку чтоб постирать. Отстирывает все, но а если застарелые пятна, то добавляю всегда пятновыводители, у меня они всех видов.
Мария С.
701794877 | 17.12.2020
К качеству стирки претензий нет. Но вот этот резкий запах... И еще - от этого порошка стали при стирке линять (терять пигмент) цветные вещи, которые не отняли до этого (после премиум порошка стирала гелем для цветных тканей, одежда краску не теряла.
Мария С.
701794877 | 17.12.2020
К качеству стирки претензий нет.