Extra Oxy Oxygen Stain Remover

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Extra Oxy Oxygen Stain Remover

No need to take your clothes to dry cleaning any more! This new stain remover helps tackle even the toughest stains!

Extra Oxy Liquid Oxygen Stain Remover has been developed in association with the German company Rohm & Werner*, with regards to innovative technologies in professional laundry products. Formulated with an eco-friendly oxygen bleach and powerful complex of natural ferments.

  • Efficiently removes stains of various origin (sweat, grass, blood, fruit, juice, tea, coffee, wine, greasy sauce, food, makeup, iodine, oil, resin, tar etc.) from white and colored fabrics.
  • Colorant- and flavorant-free.
  • Chlorine - and phosphate-free.
  • Enhances the effect of laundry detergents against tough and old stains of any origin.
  • Removes stains even at low temperatures.
  • Suitable for white and colored fabrics.
  • Safe for fabrics.
  • Can be used for carpets and upholstery as well as for removing stains, tanine (tea) and coffee residue from kitchen surfaces, teaware and coffeeware.

*Rohm & Werner specializes in professional products - highly efficient concentrated products that follow the principles of sustainability, human and environmental safety, traditional at the European market. Rohm & Werner GmbH is the member of A.I.S.E., International Association of laundering and cleaning products that unites responsible manufacturers who follow the principles of consumer care and sustainability in manufacturing (Charter 2020+).

Best before: 24 months from the production date in the package.

Weight: 500.0 gr.

Country of Origin: Germany

Collection:  FABERLIC HOME


Contains: 15-30%: oxygen-based bleach, sodium carbonate, sodium hydrocarbonate, less than 5%: bleach activator, benzene-sulphonic acid derivatives, non-ionic surfactants, enzyme complex (protease, amilase, mannanase, lipase).

Eco-friendly formula:

  • Mineral compound with active oxygen (percarbonate - oxygen-based bleach) removes stains of various origin, bleaches, removes yellowness, desinfects,
  • Mineral salts (sodium carbonate and sodium hydrocarbonate) - bind hardness salts, soften water, create a perfect environment for high-quality laundering,
  • Organic amine (bleach activator) activates the oxygen bleach at low washing temperatures,
  • Biodegradable non-ionic surfactants (NIS) have active wetting properties, remove general dirt and facilitate its rinsing from fabrics,
  • Natural enzymes (enzyme complex) - synergetic complex of protease, amilase, mannanase and lipase for enhanced removal of stains of various origin.

How to use:

Do not use for wool and silk. Do not use together with chlorine bleach. Do not use for aluminium or copper items.

How to use:

Laundering: Add the below mentioned quantity of stain remover to the laundry detergent (powder or liquid) when loading laundry,

  • When using with the Universal Concentrated Laundry Detergent – 20 g (1/2 measuring spoon),
  • When using with the Universal Concentrated Laundry Detergent for colors or the detergents of any other manufacturers – 40 g (1 measuring spoon),
  • In case of old or stuck-on stains, increase the dosage by 20 g (1/2 measuring spoon).

Carpet cleaning: add 10 g (1/4 measuring spoon) of stain remover to 200 ml of hot water, apply the solution to the soiled surface or stain and leave for 15-30 minutes.

Stain pre-treat and soaking: dissolve 40 g (1 measuring spoon) of stain remover in 2 liters of hot water. For better results, make sure water temperature no less than 60 °C. Make a color fastness test on dyed fabrics: apply the solution on an inconspicuous area of the garment and let it dry.

Kitchen surfaces (sinks, stoves, ceramic tiles): Apply the powder to wet surface and leave it on for several minutes, then wipe off the dirt with a wet sponge and rinse with water.

Precautions and storage requirements:

Store out of reach of children. Use as directed. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Do not eat, drink or smoke while using.

Caution! May cause serious eye damage. Seek for medical help immediately. If in eyes, rinse with plenty of water for 15 - 20 minutes. Remove contact lenses (if available).

Attention! Use rubber gloves to protect extra sensitive or damaged hands. If the contact with the irritated skin occurs, thoroughly rinse with water. May harm if swallowed. If swallowed accidentally, rinse the mouth with water. If inhaled for a long time, move to a well-ventilated space. If feeling unwell, seek for medical help, show the bottle or its tag.

Store in a tightly closed container, in a dry place at temperature from +5 °C to +30 °C, away from food products and out of reach of children.

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Елена К.
722756261 | 11.09.2021
Мой любимый пятновыводитель! Справляется со всеми пятнами как я без него жила раньше?
Надежда Б.
723079484 | 31.08.2021
Очень хорошее средство! После замачивания с добавлением средства, после стирке при 40 градусов, также с добавлением средства, отстиралось грязное полотенце с различными пятнами. Полотенце как новое и мягкое. Рекомендую средство для использования. Попробуйте, не пожалеете
Мария С.
701794877 | 18.08.2021
Без него никак. А с ним жизнь в радость. Всем спасибо!
Замира У.
702833319 | 16.08.2021
Очень хорошее средство 👍🔥справляется со всеми пятнами 👍
Айгуль А.
723188552 | 16.08.2021
Обожаю этот продукт. Моя выручалка. Супер! Супер! Супер!
Юлия М.
719476899 | 28.07.2021
Обожаю этот пятновыводитель! Особенно летом - мой мастхэв для стирки!!! Отлично отстирывает детские носочки! Мамы поймут, когда ребёнок день на улице, а уж тем более после песочницы. Отстирал даже пятно от черники!! И многое другое. Однозначно рекомендую всем.
Татьяна Р.
723615335 | 23.07.2021
Вы всё еще застирываете пятна перед стиркой? тогда вам нужно это средство, лучше в паре с карандашом. Замочите вещи в растворе этого порошка можно на час потом просто добавьте его к стиральному порошку и вы приятно удивитесь.
Elmir H.
723143144 | 25.06.2021
Дарья Л.
723902347 | 24.06.2021
постирала вещи,были старые жирные пятна, ничего не вывел,модет надо было на более сильной температуре постирать,пока восторга нету,буду пробовать ещё.

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Галина И.
725864791 | 23.06.2021
Очень нравиться, классный пятновыводитель.