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FABERLIC HOME Universal Stain Removing Spray

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FABERLIC HOME Universal Stain Removing Spray

Effectively and carefully removes stains from clothes and any textiles. Removes greasy stains, traces of sweat, makeup, tea, coffee, sauces, juices, chocolate, grass and other stubborn soils.

Made for the quick stain removal and pretreatment and textiles. Especially recommended for treatment of shirt and blouse collars and cuffs, soils of socks and tights, underwear, greasy traces on jackets and puffed coats, sleeves and local stains before washing.


  • The deep cleansing formula.
  • Removes a wide range of soils.
  • For white and coloured textiles.
  • Effective against fresh and old stains.
  • Convenient for treatment of cuffs, colalrs, sock soils, greased parts of clothes, application to local stains.
  • Safe for any textiles.
  • No chloride and bleachers.


  • The multi-set of biodegradable NAEIs effectively penetrates the textile, easily removes grease and other various soils, is completely washed out the textile.
  • The glycol ether helps to dissolve and quickly remove stubborn and old stains that have been absorbed into textile fibres.
  • The biodegradable complexing agent (methylglycindiacetic acid sodium salt) is a green replacement to phosphates. It effectively binds hardness salts, sustains the activity of cleaning components and enhances the effect of rust removal.
  • Citric acid (the organic acid) sustains the optimal pH level for stain removal.
  • The hypoallergic fragrant composition (a fragrance) removes food odours from the textile.
  • The biodegradable preserving agent prevents growth of pathogens in the product during the shelf life.

Shelf life: 24 months since the manufacturing date on the package.

The certificate of state registration

Volume: 150.0 ml.

Country of Origin: Russia

Collection:  FABERLIC HOME


More than 50%: water, 5%-15% of NAEI (coconut butter-based), less than 5%: soap, glycol ether, methylglycinediacetic acid sodium salt, citric acid, preservative, hypoallergic flagrance.

How to use:

Urgent stain removal: apply the product to the reverse side of a stain and leave for 5-15 minutes. Then remove the residual product and soils using the clean moist tissue. Repeat the procedure in case of very strong or old soils. Residual traces or streaks may appear on some textiles after the treatment. In this case, rinse them in the warm tap water.
Pre-treatment: Spray the product on especially soiled areas of a dry garment (including shirt collars and cuffs, socks etc) in 2-10 minutes before washing. For better soaking and effect you may rub it a bit, then wash it as usual.

! For wool, silk, and bright tissues or tissues with unstable colourants, check it in advance at the hidden spot.

Storage conditions: keep in a dry room at the temperature between +5C and +25C. Keep away from sun.


For the intended use only! Store in a closed package, apart from food, out of reach of children. Caution! May cause harm when swallowed. Gargle with water when swallowed. May cause irritation when comes into contact with the skin and eyes. Immediately rinse your eyes with the pure water if it comes into contact with them. Call your doctor if necessary. Wash your hands after handling it.

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Яна О.
726440487 | 07.09.2021
хороший продукт,постоянно им пользуюсь для сложных пятен
Анастасия Х.
726402840 | 17.08.2021
Всегда беру. Хорош в использовании, с пятнами справляется