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FABERLIC HOME Cleansing Cream Paste for Metal Surfaces

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FABERLIC HOME Cleansing Cream Paste for Metal Surfaces

The cream paste mildly and delicately removes burnt food residues, cakings, grime, light limescale deposits, traces of oxidizing and darkening from various metal surfaces. Natural micrograins give the glance, carefully polish, do not scratch and do not damage delicate surfaces.
The cream is perfect for cleaning frying pans, saucepans, cutlery, baking sheets, steel sinks, exhaust hoods, tapes, refridgerators, metal details. It is also recommended for cleaning metal interior accessories and jewelry.

  • Natural micrograins of cleanness.
  • Careful removal of cakings, dried stains, grime, light limescale deposits, traces of oxidizing and darkening from metal surfaces.
  • Glance and polishing without scratches.
  • Protection against repeated soils.
  • Recommended for all types of metal including soft and precious alloys, jewelry.


  • The set of natural mineral micrograins carefully cleanses metal surfaces, mildly polishes and brings back the natural glance.
  • The multiset of biodegradable NAEIsquickly and effectively soaks surfaces, easily removes grease and other soils, is completely washed off.
  • The silicone polymer forms the very fine film and protects against the quick repeated soil.
  • The composition of fragrant substances (a fragrance, limonene) gives a light grapefruit scent.
  • The preserving agent prevents development of pathogens in the product during the shelf life.

Shelf life: 24 months since the manufacturing date on the package.

The certificate of state registration

Weight: 250.0 gr.

Country of Origin: Russia

Collection:  FABERLIC HOME


> 30% of water, the set of mineral polishing agents, 5-15% of NAEI, < 5% of sodium salt of coconut butter fatty alcohol alkylethoxylsulphate, silicon polymer, fragrance, preservative, limonene.

How to use:

Apply the cream to the soiled surface, distribute evenly, wait for few minutes, them remove with a soft sponge or a tissue and rinse off thoroughly with water.

Storage conditions: keep in a dry room at the temperature between +5C and +25C.

Precautions: for the intended use only! Keep in a closed package, apart from food, out of reach of children. Avoid the contact with eyes. If the product comes into contact with eyes, immediately rinse them with clean water.

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