FABERLIC HOME Coffee&Tiramisu Anti Odour Kitchen Soap

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FABERLIC HOME Coffee&Tiramisu Anti Odour Kitchen Soap

The kitchen soapsoftly washes hands and does not make the skin dry. It effectively eliminates strong and unplesant odours of fish, garlic, onion, raw meat, spices, tobacco, machine oil, petrol and many other sharp, "clinging" odours.

The AROMA CONTROL technology - unique components of the formula do not just cover "bad odours" but eliminate them by destroying moleculas of various odours inside.


  • Odour elimination.
  • Removal of soils.
  • For washing tabletops, sinks, sponges and kitchen appliances such as cutting boards, rolling pins and knives.
  • For cleaning hands after cooking.
  • The alluring scent of fresh coffee and creamy tiramisu.

The biodegradable plant-based SAS multicomplexeffectively soaks up surfaces, easily removes grease and other soils, is completely rinsed off from surfaces, kitchen appliances and hands.

The special composition of fragrances with the odour removal technology (a perfume) is used to neutralize various undesirable odours. It gives the enticing caramel scent of sweet orange.

The table salt helps to sustain the comfortable viscosity.

The preservative prevents growth of patogens in the product during its shelf life.

The citric acid (an organic acid) sustains the skin-friendly neutral pH of the product.

Volume: 300.0 ml.

Country of Origin: Russia

Collection:  FABERLIC HOME


More than 30% of water, 5-15% of alkyl etoxylated sulfate of oily coconut butter fat sodium salt, less than 5% coconut butter based NAEI, coconut butter betain amidopropyl, table salt, perfume, preservative, citric acid, lemonen, citral

Storage conditions: keep in a dry room at the temperature between +5 ºС and +25 ºС.

How to use:

Squeeze out a bit of soap and foam it up, rinse your hands and kitchen appliance with water after cleaning.

Precautions:store in a closed package, apart from food. Avoid the contact with eyes. If the product has touched your eyes, immediately wash them with pure water. Contact your doctor if needed.

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Надежда Р.
712311637 | 26.08.2021
Очень хорошее средство для кухни.