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FABERLIC HOME Citrus Mix 5-in-1 WC Cleansing Gel

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FABERLIC HOME Citrus Mix 5-in-1 WC Cleansing Gel

FABERLIC HOME Citrus Mix WC Cleansing Gel: the power of five organic acids provides for quick removal of complex soils and is responsible for flawless purity of your WC. The gel is comfortable to apply and quickly spread across the whole surface. It is effective even in most hard-to-get spots of the toilet and even under water.

The 5-in-1 supereffect:

  • Quick removal of the limescale and calcium debris, abundant rust, urine and water stones.
  • The hygienic cleanness - antibacterial properties of the organic acid set.
  • Protection against repeated soils and the easy further cleansing.
  • Cleansing under water and the edge of a toilet bowl.
  • Effective removal of bad odours.
  • The refreshing citrusy scent.


The set of organic acids(sulfamic, formic, methanesulfonic, oxalic, glycolic acids) provides for quick effective cleansing of the surface from the limescale debris, the urine stone and rust, removes bacterias and bad odours.

The rape oil-based NAEIactively soaks the surface and reduces the cleansing time.

The organic solvent(the glycol ether) quickly disperses soils and helps to completely remove them.

Polysaccharidecreates the optimal viscosity of the product for better distribution and retaining on the surface.

The organic polymerforms the protective film on the surface, prevents quick reappearance of soils.

The composition of scents(a fragrance) will give the pleasant refreshing citrusy scent.

The organic colourantprovides for the colour of the product.

Shelf life: 24 months since the manufacturing date on the package.

The certificate of state registration

Volume: 500.0 ml.

Country of Origin: Russia

Collection:  FABERLIC HOME


More than 30% of water; less than 5%: sulfamic acid, formic acid, methanesulfonic acid, oxalic acid, glycolic acid, rap oil-based NAEI, glycol ether, polyssacharide, organic polymer, fragrance, colourant, limonene, citral.

How to use:

Mode of application: apply the product under the edge of the toilet bowl, leave for up to 10 minutes.
To remove strong soils, soils in the lower part of the toilet boil under water and/or the maximum hygienic cleansing of surfaces, leave for 60 minutes. It is recommended to use it not less than 1-2 times in a week for the best result.

Storage conditions: keep in a dry room at the temperature between +5 and +25C. Protect against direct sun.


ATTENTION! Contains active acids. Always use rubber gloves to protect your hands. Keep out of reach of children!

For the intended use only! Do not apply to the acid-sensitive materials: marble, natural stone, aluminium, brass, hot, damaged, metal, enameled surfaces etc. Do not mix with bleachers and other detergents. Store in a tightly closed manufacturer's package, apart from food, out of reach of children. Localize the leak to avoid the impact. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling. Do not smoke, drink, or eat while using it. Caution! Harmful when swallowed! If you've swallowed it, gargle with water and immediately seek the medical aid, show the package of the product if appropriate. May cause harm when comes into contact with the skin. If it comes into contact with the skin, rinse off with pure water. If it comes contact with eyes, carefully rinse your eyes with pure water for few minutes. Take contact lenses off if you use them and it it is easy to do. Continue rinsing your eyes.

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