Scientific Research


One of Faberlic's advantages is our activity in the field of scientific research. We incorporate the results of these studies into our innovative cosmetic products for youthful and healthy skin.

Faberlic believes in the scientific approach to formulating and producing cosmetics, using ingredients of the highest quality supplied by the largest raw materials manufacturers. But the main advantage of our cosmetics is the unique oxygen complex (Aquaftem®, Novaftem – O2™), which delivers oxygen directly to skin cells. This complex is based on a development by Soviet scientists from the Cell Biophysics Institute at the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Pushchino.

The production and use of Aquaftem® oxygen complex in cosmetics, as well as many other unique ingredients used in our our cosmetics, are patented and are components exclusive to Faberlic cosmetics.

Our in-house Scientific Research Centre is our pride and joy. We put science to work for beauty!

We actively cooperate with leading scientific institutions, among which are the Department of Cell Biology and Histology at the Moscow State University Biology faculty. They conduct research on cell cultures for us. We also cooperate with the Surgery Department of Sechenov Medical Academy. They have studied laser healing and concluded that the effects leads to local release of nitrogen oxide, which contributes to the normalization of microcirculation, the flow of oxygen to the skin, and faster wound healing.